To harvest honey is the most exciting but hard time for a beginner when honey harvest time is coming. The bees will rob the honey when they need it the most, during the fall and winter when there are no flowers bearing nectar. As a beekeeper with many years of experience of keeping bees, I want to share with you some useful knowledge about how to harvest honey.

Step 1: Get a honey extractor

honey extractor china with high quality is the necessary tool for all beekeepers. So you should get one before honey harvest time is around the corner.

Step 2: Remove Bees from the Hive

You can use a “bee brush”or electric-powered blowers to remove any lingering bees.  After that,  pull the bee-free frames out and set them aside in a lidded, empty super until you’re ready to take your honey-laden frames inside for extraction.

Step 3: Uncap the Honey with an uncapping knife

You can uncap the wax-sealed honeycomb with an uncapping knife, fork or scratcher on both sides of the frame.

Step 4: Extract Honey

It is necessary for you to prepare a high quality honey extractor before harvest honey. Place the frame into a honey extractor — these come in hand-cranked and electric versions — and spin the frames, forcing the honey to the walls of the drum where they drip to the bottom.

Step 5: Put Your Honey into Bottle

After finishing all above steps, the last step is to bottle your honey product with clean, sterilized bottles.

It is not really an easy work to keep bees. You will become an qualified beekeeper as long as you spend more time in learning skills of keeping bees. Wish you good luck!